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Dynamic Speakers

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Klangwerk web site (January 2004): Loudspeakers should not only please your ears, but also your eyes and fit to your interior! KLANGWERK speaker-systems are state-of-the-art in electroacoustics and design. Special cabinet shapes and the active technology allow a variety of positions in a room to get an optimum of sound quality in every situation. The active technology in our top models is designed to realize phase coherent systems with full control over the driver movement. Unparalleled precision in sound out of relatively small and elegant cabinets is the direct benefit for the music lover and homecinema enthusiast. A speciality in our top model ONDA is the use of the legendary MANGER bending wave transducer for the most natural sound actually possible.


Klangwerk web site (January 2004): KLANGWERK is an innovative Swiss speaker manufacturer, founded in 1997. The electroacoustic designers behind the company have an experience of over 30 years in cutting edge speaker design in the home and the professional market. Their speciality are innovative active circuits. The cabinets have been developed together with an architect whose profound acoustical knowledge permitted an aesthetic design following the function.

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