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Kharma web site (May 12, 2009): Kharma International produces High-End Audio Products and sells worldwide through a network of highly qualified distributors and dealers. All systems are developed, assembled and tested in Breda with the utmost care by a team of highly engaged specialists.

Our goal is to provide true music lovers with an experience going beyond any imagination. That we are succeeding can be measured by a growing group of satisfied customers as well as some rewards we are happy to receive.

Our loudspeaker range comprises the Exquisite, Ceramique and Matrix series. You can opt for either two-channel or multi-channel surround. And incrementally from mid size and capacity to big size and capacity. But behind every great speaker there is of course a great cable needed. Our Enigma Signature, Enigma, and other cable programs match our speakers perfectly. The in-house developed power amplifiers is available in two levels, one matching the Exquisite series, one matching the Matrix and Ceramique series.


Kharma web site (July 18, 2009): A short summary:

Kharma web site (September 2000): O.L.S. (Oosterum Loudspeaker Systems) was founded by Charles van Oosterum while he was studying electronics in particular electromagnetics and electromechanics at the University of Eindhoven. Although he began with no other goal than to finance his experiments with different designs and driver concepts, word of his talent spread, and he was soon sought by individuals and other companies for his design skills. By 1984 O.L.S. was a successful manufacturer of systems for consumer and professional use. That same year he introduced the now familiar concept of satellite subwoofer speakers systems to Holland.

In 1992, one of the best known audiophiles invited Charles to listen to some music on his existing system. After many hours of listening, this gentleman turned to his guest with a challenge - although his existing system was good, he wanted something perfect. It just so happened that Charles had a computer design of a system that was "in the works", but when asked about it Charles had to explain that it only existed on disk.

Intrigued, the gentleman commissioned him to build the system, with one important provisio: if he liked it he would pay for it, if not he wouldn't. Undaunted, Charles went ahead and built what was to become the Grand Enigma System - one of the largest and most exclusive high-end consumer loudspeakers ever made.

This 12 ton system is fully active with 30kW of amplification, equipped with 24 ultrahigh efficiency planar-magnetic HF-units, 24 15-inch LF drivers and 48 6-inch MF drivers. Placed in a specially prepared subterranean listening room of 45,000 cubic feet, it presents sound with incredible dynamics and limitless power, easily reproducing live concert levels at a distance of 10 meters. Needless to say, Charles was paid well for his work. By this time, O.L.S. had gained a reputation for affordable high performance speakers. Spurred on by his success with the Grand Enigma, Charles launched a new high-end brand: KHARMA.

The first KHARMA speakers were the DIVINE series, which met with enough success that soon afterward the Ceramique and Exquisite series were introduced. With these three series, KHARMA offers a very broad range of high-end speaker systems.

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