Kenwood LS-408-B

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General information[contribute]

The Kenwood LS-408-B is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1980 to unknown.

scott crockett (July 22, 2018): The woofers measure 10" across

Alternate names[contribute]

Charles Costanzo (September 29, 2007):Kenwood LS-408B


Charles Costanzo (September 25, 2007):Re-coned midranges and re-foamed woofers.
29 years later, they still piss off my neighbors!!


Charles Costanzo (September 25, 2007):NONE

Charles Costanzo (February 4, 2008): re-wired with 16 gauge copper core in place of original 22 gauge tinsel wire:)


Charles Costanzo (September 25, 2007):Excellent! 5 stars for a fully working operational original set of these walnut veneered cabinet speakers.

CMC (January 29, 2009): I should also say that the performance of these Kenwoods is absolutely brilliant, detailed and so precise, I could listen to them for hours and hours and not suffer any listening fatigue. They are so detailed, in fact, that my pet cat loves to listen to them when I play some vintage real Jazz, Bob James or Maynard Ferguson. NO over-bright shrill, coloration or overtones from the tweeter or midrange at any volume level. they are 92dB sensitivity which makes them very efficient for the 1970's. The bass response is so fluid, tight and quick that you don't even see the woofer moving during a "punch" with only 1 watt of power. On a EEG meter the bass damping from the port showed only one cycle overshoot, or "heartbeat" indicating a superb damping factor with no "huffing" heard from the port during playback. They have the rare ability to "hit" you with that hard bass punch much like a sealed "suspension" enclosure, and they just give you more and more and more! They have the flattest response curve of any ported speaker you will ever hear! I have listened to many many speakers over the years and I always go right back to my LS-408B's.

Ed Nunez (October 18, 2009): I bought my set of LS-408B,s in 1978 for my 21st. birthday and I must say it was a very good investment. I have replaced the 12" woofers with 290 watt units, after 30 years something had to BLOW!!. Im running Phase Linear equipment with a 400 series II amp. and the LS-408B cabinets are holding as strong as the day I got them. The sound is awsome and my nieghbors just love them. I've nicknamed my LS-408B's "the Evictors" I'm not going anywhere, it's my house.

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