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Kartell Audio web site (October 3, 2009): KARTELL-AUDIO speakers have not only originated from a life long passion by our acoustical Engineers, but also from the result of a close working and successful partnership with musical instrument builders. In all our speakers we use Planar Magnetic Transducers for wide and high band frequency response. This allows for their transparency, speed, dynamics and openness. The low end profits from our many years of experience with the construction of organs. This resulted in a totally new approach to cabinet construction, and in doing so provides a seamless continuation between the low, middle and high bands. The result is that KARTELL-AUDIO speakers create "real sound".

Our speakers are an artisan's product. They have been build by professionals and are for a large part crafted by hand. All components are individually selected to very tight electrical and mechanical tolerances. The shapes of the cabinets are mainly determined by acoustical requirements whilst they are kept simple, stylish and functional. The Quality/Cost/Performance equation was a leading pre-occupation during the development of the KARTELL-AUDIO speaker range. The surface finish is achieved with a high end dual-component PU-paint applied in five separate layers. KARTELL-AUDIO is targeting the highest aspirations of music lovers who have unlimited musical expectations but not an unlimited budget.

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