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General information[contribute]

The KEF Coda 3 is a dynamic speaker. It is part of the Coda series. It was manufactured from 1982 to unknown.

KEF web site (October 4, 2010): Coda III is a two-way compact speaker of medium efficiency which produces amazing sound quality from such a small enclosure. It is easily accommodated in smaller homes and presents no special installation problems. It is equally at home on shelves or stands, free standing or against a wall. The success of previous coda designs was hard to follow, but this latest version incorporates important new technical features with a pleasing new design to suit contemporary trends in home furnishing. KEF have been in the forefront of loudspeaker development for many years, and their unrivalled research facilities have been directed towards smaller and more economical designs with stunning effect.

Many benefits usually reserved for expensive esoteric loudspeakers are found in the Coda. Its sound is alive, dynamic and thoroughly musical, mid-range reproduction is coherent and detailed, preserving instrumental timbres and voices with a degree of realism normally found in large and more complex designs.


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Alternate names[contribute]

Coda 3
Coda III

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