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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

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Jensen has been a respected name in consumer and mobile electronics for more than 75 years, in fact Peter Jensen invented the first loudspeaker!

External links

Additional RFI Protection for Line Input Circuits 8KB PDF
Anti-RIAA Equalizer for Line to Mag Phono Converter
Balanced Audio Input Circuit For Maximum CommonMode Rejection in Real World Environments. 109KB PDF file
Balanced Line Inputs/Outputs for Silicon Graphics Workstations Balancing using transformers
Gain Amplifier and Balanced Line Driver Simple 0 to 24 dB Gain Amplifier and Balanced Line Driver. 18KB PDF
High CMRR Balanced Interface for Crystal 18 or 20 Bit A/D Converters PDF file
High Output Line Driver for Single Ended Power Supply PDF file
IC mic preamp uses Jensen Twin Servo topology
Interconnection of Balanced and Unbalanced Equipment 4 page booklet in pdf format
Internal Modification to Mic Inputs of the Mackie 1604 Mixer Eliminates RFI Problems Adding transformer isolation increases common mode rejection and eliminates RF interference, pdf document
Jensen 20 dB Amplifier and High Current Balanced Line Driver
Jensen 12 dB Amplifier and High Current Line Driver with DC Servo
Jensen Capacitors
Jensen Direct Box Transformers External Isolation Transformer Box for Mackie and other Mixers Eliminates RFI Problems
Jensen Direct Box Transformers Data sheets have example circuit diagrams
Jensen Transformers Isolation transformer box for unbalanced consumer audio line signals
Jensen Transformers 11P1 Conversion of Unbalanced Input to Balanced
Jensen Transformers From one guitar to up to 4 guitar amplifiers
Jensen Transformers DBE Standard Musical Instrument or SynthesizerDirect Box
Jensen Transformers takes high level line signal and outputs balanced microphone level signal
Jensen Transformers Isolation transformer for 600 ohm balanced audio line
Jensen Transformers From +4dBu balanced output to 10dbV consumer equipment input Other related circuits
Jensen Transformers From one guitar to two guitar amplifiers
Jensen Transformers MBC Isolates both Mic and Line Inputs of Inexpensive Mixer
Jensen Transformers 15KB PDF
Jensen Transformers 123S Line Driver with Feedback Around the Transformer
Jensen Transformers 11BM High Level Differential IC Output Stage with DC Servo
Jensen Transformers 11BM High Level High Current Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
Jensen Transformers 123BL High Level Low Impedance Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
Jensen Transformers MBC in Low Noise, High Isolation Line Receiver for LowZ Sources
Jensen Transformers Simple isolator for 600 ohm balanced audio lines
Jensen Transformers MBC Real Mic Inputs & Phantom Power for Sony DAT
Jensen Transformers Active line level splitter circuit with input and output isolation
Jensen Transformers 11P1 used as Unbalanced Polarity Inverter
Jensen Transformers High performance transformer balanced input stage for Crystal A/D converters, pdf file
Jensen Transformers 11FL provides Isolated Line Output from Guitar Amplifier
Jensen Transformers For use with professional low impedance sources and high impedance loads Signal combining
Jensen Transformers MBD Converts 600 Ohm Unbalanced Mic to 150 Ohm Balanced Mic Line
Jensen Transformers 11DM Converts Unbalanced Output to Balanced
Jensen Transformers MBD Passive Stereo Matrix for MS Mic Technique
Jensen Transformers 11YZPC in Unbalanced Long Line Driver/Isolator
Jensen Transformers MBC Mic Input Isolation for Mackie Mixers
Jensen Transformers 6110KB Isolates70 Volt Line and Converts to Line Level
Jensen Transformers 11P1 asPhase Splitter with Symmetrical Outputs
Jensen Transformers 11FL Isolates & Converts Guitar Amp Speaker Out to Line Output
Jensen Transformers 16A Improves Performance of SSM2015 Mic Preamp IC
Jensen Transformers 16A Improves Performance of SSM2017 Mic Preamp IC
Jensen Transformers 11SSP6M Passive Stereo Matrix for MS Mic Technique
Jensen Transformers DBE FullfeaturedDirect Box Application Schematic
Jensen Transformers 10KBD Isolates and Converts Speaker Drive to Line Level
Jensen Transformers MBC Used toPhantom Power the Realistic PZM Mic
Jensen Transformers This circuit isolated and impedance matches under 100 ohm source to long cable line and that to over 10 kohm input
Jensen Transformers DBE Converts Consumer Stereo Inputs to Mono Balanced Mic Output
Jensen Transformers From 10dBV unbalanced to 150 ohm balanced microphone level45dBu signal and from +4dBu balanced signal to 10dBV unbalanced signal
Jensen Transformers Transformer balanced passive input circuit for CS5367 A/D converter, pdf file
Jensen Transformers 11P1 Balanced Tube Line Input Stage
JP 11P1 Input transformer improvement for electronically balanced input
JS For used with long 600 ohm lines which need termination
JS Isolation transformer with impednace conversion
Low Noise version of High Level Output Stage in 1031 PDF file
Proper Grounding Inside Equipment Avoids Ground Noise Coupling (akaPin 1 Problems) 15KB PD
Simplified Measurement of Output Impedance Suitable for measuring audio circuits
Standard Microphone Preamplifier Input Circuitry PDF file
Stereo to Mono Combiner for Balanced Systems

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