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General information[contribute]

The JansZen Z-700 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Z series.

John McEnroe (May 2002): Janszen Electrostatic Model Z-700 Speakers.These are large speakers, each 26 in by 15 in by 13.5 in and weigh 44 lbs.Each contains a 12 in woofer and two electrostatic panels that must be plugged into 120 volts to get charged up. Original grill cloth in near mint condition with original metal Janszen tags.Walnut cabinet.

James Wong (May 2003): Janszen Model Z-700 size= 26" x 17" x 12" with 10" woofers. The clean, unclored trible of the Z-700 is reproduced by a pair of JansZen Series 130 electrostatic mid/high range radiators which have been matched within +-1dB. The radiator contains 176 push-pull sheathed conductors. Moounted in opposing arrays, these conductors provide uniform forces to laterally move the eight sensitive diaphragms with the same amplitude and in the same phase over their entire surfaces.

Low frequenceies are reproduced by the model 350C cast frame dynamic woofer -- the only cone woofer specifically designed to match the low distortion, transparent characteristics of the JansZen Electrostatic. A flexible rim of foam treated cloth attaches the cone to the cast aluminum frame and allows 5/8" piston-like cone excursions without breakup or doubling at any frequency. This unique cone is so perfectly controlled by the 10,000 gauss magnet structure that is will handle musical powers up to 100 watts.

Drivers are fully functional and working properly! Grills have original grill cloth in excellent condition with the emblem present. Made from 1968-73. Cabinet dimensions are 26" W x 15" H x 13 1/4" D. The walnut veneer cabinets are in excellent condition for their age. As there is only one speaker, this would be ideal for those who have a mono system!

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