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General information[contribute]

The JansZen Z-412-HPB is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Z series.

James Wong (September 2004): Janszen Electrostatic hybrid speakers, model Z-412 HPB, dating from the early 80s.  These speakers are a hybrid electrostatic, using a conventional 12" woofer on the bottom which is crossed over at 800 Hz to the 4-way electrostatic panels, which are angled away from each other for better dispersion. There are 4 terminals on the back which allow for either bridged conventional or unbridged bi-amped connections.

These were 2nd in the Janszen line next to the top of the line Z-824s, and were above the non bi-amped Z-412HPs as well as the Z-412A's which crossed over at a higher 1800 Hz

Larry Ries (May 2, 2005): My memory is that James Wong's September 2004 model information is correct. My earlier pair of Z412-HPBs was not biamped and each speaker has a single set of speaker binding posts. Also the crossover on my pair was set at 1800Hz. Otherwise the early 80's units are identical to the mid 70's units. After 30 years, the crossover on the right speaker of my pair has failed. The left speaker is sure to follow shortly. Anyone know where or how the crossover can be rebuilt?

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Henry Fong (June 20, 2006): I still have the 10/1974 HP-412-HP brochures, the instruction sheets as well as the speakers themselves. The 412-HPs also have 2 pairs of terminals to permit biamplification. A strap was provided to disable the biamp feature. This feature was not unique to the 412-HPBs.

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