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General information[contribute]

The JansZen Z-220 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Z series.

Eric Belmans (June 2001): I own the Z-220. . It is basically the same as the Z 210 B but in a larger cabinet and the Electrostatic "radiator" can be tilted up and down. I bought my speakers in 1982 or '83, I don't remember the exact year, and they costed me about 620 Euro (25000 BF) at that time.

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Sonny ADEGUN (August 25, 2012): Dear Sir, I have a Janzen Electrostastic Speakers Model 220 ans S?N 1175. one of the speakers is faulty. Kindly advice me your local dealer in London that can repair it for me. It seems the Cross-over is an open circuit.
Can you help?

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