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JansZen Z-210-AH

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General information[contribute]

The JansZen Z-210-AH is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Z series.

James Wong (May 2003): The Janszen Z-210-AH, floor standing electrostatic sealed cabinet loud speaker's. Most likely mid to late 1970's. Subwoofer is 10". Electrostatic panels measure 5" x 5" each with AC power.

Bryan Meshke provided the following information (April 2000): I have a set of crossover networks for the Janzsen Z210-AH that I am currently using to run my ESLs. It is a neat little network that provides almost everything one needs to run an ESL in one small unit. There is a simple passive crossover network using a cap and a choke set to a fairly high crossover frequency. The low pass is sent to directly to bass speakers. The high pass is sent through a step up tranformer and adjustable bias supply circuit to power the push-pull ESL panel.

I am currently running my system biamped so I am not using the passive crossover portion of the network. The rest of it however works just fine.

Dieter Kleylein. (January 26, 2010): I still have the JansZen Z-210 AH in use, bought them in 1976, currently use them with a Yamaha A-S1000 and I am perfectly pleased with them! After having listened to modern speakers for comparison decided to stay with the fairly old JansZen as they still work very well and have a well balanced sound, particuarly with classics. Dieter Kleylein

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