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Dynamic Speakers
Horn Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]


We have a passion for music and we listen - everyday. And we have dedicated ourselves to bring that experience into your home. Listening to sound is a highly subjective experience - a fact that we don't just respect but consciously base our work upon. We know that only by taking your needs and expectations into consideration can we deliver the best solution for you.
For the past nearly 40 years we have created numerous ground breaking speakers and we don't see any reason to stop now. Our passion permeates everything we do so we will always develop products that set new standards, simply because we can't help it. This is our life, our passion.

The mission we have dedicated ourselves to fulfil every single day in the Jamo Concert division is:
We will develop and market products capable of delivering a thrilling performance. Radiating the passion gone into the development, these products will feature unique technical solutions, as well as a recognizable design code.

Technology with a story

You don't have to listen closely to hear it. Each product in our Concert division provides ample proof of sophisticated technological solutions. And in our strive to continuously evolve our products towards perfection we continually work to develop and fine-tune ultimate technologies within the areas of mechanics, electronics and acoustics while satisfying even the pickiest ears around the world - and we will keep it that way. . . just to illustrate our history within technology, we have listed a few of the inventions we have made over the years:


Burning passion, technological know-how and a dedication to giving you a thrilling experience is a winning recipe to create products that are best in class - products that delivers - it's that simple.
And combining this with our roots and belief in the Danish design traditions of functionality, simplicity, honesty and focus on detail grants you sound solutions that not only sound beautiful but also are beautiful pieces of furniture that blend easily into your home.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

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