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Jadis website (September 2000): Jadis: The history of a passion Jadis was created by two old friends, Jean-Paul Caffi and André Calmettes, sharing the same passion : the design and realisation of tube amplifiers intended to give the most accurate musical reproduction, ignoring all costs and difficulty.This passion - at times overriding the demands of sleep and leisure - resulted in the creation of prototypes that produced a sensation in audiophile circles. During the first auditions, these prototypes were even considered to be superior to the best amplifiers on the market at that time.

Encouraged by this success, the two friends decided to take all the steps necessary to move away from a hobby towards rational production : in this way, Jadis was created in 1983, and began to market equipment, individually made from origianl schematics, and hand-built by Jadis technicians.

Strictly speaking, the Jadis sound does not exist, but there is however, a particular philosophy of creation which strives to attain the sound of authentic music, that of "live" music. Differences seem to appear with comparative listening, but the Jadis quality is recognisable each time.

The search to capture the emotion experienced in concerts led Jean-Paul Caffi and André Calmettes to develop tube preamplifiers and amplifiers from specific Jadis schematics. As a result of this sonic research, they decided to produce the tube amplifier's most important feature : the output transformer - entirely made at the factory in Villedubert. Huge, indestructible and under warranty for a lifetime, this output transformer gives the amplifier absolute stability whatever the load may be. The transformer is molded in a special resin, filled up to 99%, guaranteeing maximum sound proofing and heat stability. The specifications with regard to power are astonishing, in particular the maximum acceptable power of 600 W before saturation is reached.

Jadis amplifiers offer for the first time in the world an original linkage of tubes with the output transformer. This transformer has been designed to function with a distributed triple load : the anode, the cathode and the screen have separate windings, while the output tubes function practically as though they work in a triode mode.

Jadis amplifiers are the only amplifiers which keep to their specifications. This explains why, for those who have listened to them, only Jadis offers tube amplifiers with a bass quality as good as, if not better than, the best solid state amplifiers. In contrast to the best of other tube amplifiers, Jadis amplifiers do not need any bias adjustment : they function in pure Class A.

For these reasons, Jadis amplifiers and preamplifiers represent the ideal amplification system for all acoustic loudspeakers, whatever the load, the functioning (whether electrodynamics, electrostatic, or isodynamic) and the efficiency. They have marvellous dynamics from the bass to the highest treble, and a total lack of coloration, including the kind that tube electronics are usually accused of.

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