JC Penney MCS-8228

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General information[contribute]

The JC Penney MCS-8228 is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1977 to unknown.

Rodney Sell (April 28, 2018): This is the all time "Flagship" speaker that JC Penny sold. Made by United Speaker. These speakers weigh at least 80 lbs each. The woofer uses 54 oz magnet and a 2" voice coil. McIntosh used this woofer in some of their speakers from the 70's. W-513 is stamped on both. The cone is ridgid on the MCS and flat on the McIntosh. I actually have a pair of the Mac woofers and that is how I know. Also, the MCS is a 4 ohm woofer and the McIntosh are 8 ohm. These big speakers are rated 25-20,000hz and 90 db at 1 watt/1 meter. They cross over at 600 hz and 2000 hz. Best used with 50-150 watt amps RMS. I use a McCormack DNA-1 power amp to drive mine. The more power the better. Very open sounding. Sealed encloser with deep bass. Not "Boomy". Sound simular to the 8227, but more dynamic and deeper bass but not by much. Same tweeter and mids used in both the 8227 and 8228. Retail price was $800.00 a pair.

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