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Tape Decks

General information [contribute]

Inkel Audio web site (July 21, 2009): Inkel products are manufacturered by Etronics, a huge Korean company that manufactures everything from low end communications devices to high end AV equipment. Etronics acquired Inkel in the early 90's and with that purchase they also acquired the Sherwood brandname which Inkel had acquired in 1980. Their audio manufacturing facilities are surprisingly enough mostly in Great Britain.

Sherwood is the name they mostly use outside of their home turf. Etronics was originally founded as Shinbang Electronics Co., Ltd in 1978, changed their name to Haitai in 1988 and changed their name again to the current one in 2001.


Inkel Audio web site (July 21, 2009): 2006 Mr. H.S. Jeon and S.S. Cho are inaugurated as a co-president of INKEL

2005 Mr. S.D. Park was inaugurated as CEO

2004 Developed the Subway Fiber Optic Distribution System for Satellite DMB service

2003 Vatel was nominated as the best preferred design

2003 INKEL was nominated as the best powered brand

2002 HQ and R&D center were merged

2002 Mr. S.K. Kang was inaugurated as CEO

2002 Developed W-CDMA Optical Microcell Repeater

2002 Refso 702 was awarded as the best design by KDPI

2002 Nominated as "The World's best product manufaturer" by Korean Ministry of Industry

2002 R963, 7.1Ch Receiver was awarded as of "Innovations 2002"

2002 Acquisition of TL-9000 certification

2001 R&D center was established with consolidation between Etronics AV R&D and telecommunication R&D center

2001 Opened specialized INKEL AUDIO & HomeTheater Internet Shopping Mall, -"Inkelshop"

2001 Selected for Etronics INKEL BRAND In "Best manufacturer & prestigious products" of Daily Sports

2001 Refso801, Best Industrial Design product competition Awardee

2001 Selected as Customer favored product first half of 2001 by Electro Newpaper

2001 Changed name to ETRONICS Corporation

2000 Won "Design & Engineering showcase Award" at the CES (R956/V756)

1998 Developed Optical Microcell Repeater

1997 Developed CDMA PCS

1997 R945, AV Receiver were selected in "One hundred New Goods" in Popular Science Magazine,U.S.A

1996 Incorporation of Inkel, Now into Haitai Electronics Co., Ltd.

1995 Completion of Cheonan Plant

1995 Participation in the management of Now Precision

1994 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification

1994 Participation in the management of Inkel Corporation Ltd.

1992 The Ministry of Trade and Indurstry chose CDP as "World Best Product"

1988 Changed name to HAITAI Electronics Co.,Ltd

1985 Authorized as an Official Supplier of Audio products for the 86 Asian Games and the 88 Olympic Games

1980 Took over "Sherwood' Brand

1978 Foundation of Shinbang Electronics Co., Ltd

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