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Impact Technology web site (July 15, 2009): Impact Technology, Ltd. was founded on the premise that enduring products must spring from creative thinking and a solid technical foundation. Also, to our way of thinking, enduring products are centered around the development of core technologies The development of Impact loudspeakers is tied to the implementation of new core technology, the value of which are proven out by extensive measurement and testing techniques and, or course, long term listening evaluations. The goal of all of our designs is to present a picture of recorded sound which is engaging and true. Our desire is for our speakers to allow the listener to connect to the spirit of the music.

At every price point we are committed to value and aesthetics. Our speakers reflect this. As for technology, many of our loudspeakers are small woofer two-way designs. They behave like high quality monitors (great imaging and timbre) but with powerful and articulate bass. To accomplish this we turned to line loading technique for the woofer. The benefits include extended low frequency response, reduced cabinet resonance, increased power handling and the elimination of the port noise and turbulence so common in reflex designs.

Our newest range, the Airfoil series, are sophisticated statement products, which employ patented driver and enclosure technology to achieve spectacular sonic results. See the Airfoil section of this site for more information.

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