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Image Loudspeakers web site (October 10, 2009): In 1968 Monitor Acoustics Ltd was established in New Zealand and was known locally as MA. The founder, Chris Ball, had a love of music, the reproduction of music in a home environment, but above all he had a passion to make loudspeakers that would convey the kind of emotion found in live performances. When Chris first started making loudspeakers it was obvious to all that he was a talented cabinetmaker. The attention to detail and the high quality cabinet finish quickly became the hallmark of his trade. The speakers he designed and made also gained instant favour and it wasn't long before there was a strong following from music lovers and Hi Fi enthusiasts. Compared with modern computer-aided technology, the test equipment in those days was pretty basic but Chris believed that the human ear was always the ultimate test instrument. He spent much of his time at live performances to ensure his speakers would accurately replicate the sound of these events and though advanced testing is now part of every model, critical listening is as important now as it was then.

MA had always selected and imported all loudspeaker drivers from outside New Zealand, mainly England and Europe. The quantities were limited though because the NZ Government had a regime that restricted the importation of almost every commodity into NZ and audio products, particularly loudspeakers, was just one. The restrictions though had a spin-off for this young company.

New Zealand importers of world-renowned industry brand names were also affected by this legislation and many of them commissioned MA to construct their cabinets under strict licence for sale within NZ and Australia. Even now, this arrangement is seen as unique worldwide, but is indicative of the workmanship and consistent high quality that still makes this company so different.

Until 1989 Monitor Acoustics continued to grow and make a varied range of cabinets for these companies while continuing to design and manufacture a steadily increasing and refined speaker range of its own under the MA badge. In addition, there were also other specialised requests that were well within the scope of MA. Speakers for recording studios and custom-made speakers were in constant demand and it was the flexibility of the company that made it a niche manufacturer, capable of turning quickly from domestic to professional design.

It was 1990 that brought a total change in company direction and the use of the new badge name, Image. Import restrictions were abolished and MA found it timely to concentrated solely on the first real 'Image range' of speakers. The name was changed to Image Loudspeakers Ltd and Image became a Registered Trade Name in New Zealand. The company established a broad dealer network within New Zealand, introduced the Image range and began competing more than favourably with strong competition and marketing from imported brands by maintaining the focus of high quality sound and a hand crafted finish. It was the added bonus of affordability that made Image stand out though and has continued to be the trump card for the company, offering 'affordable quality'.

Today, the build quality and structural integrity of every hand made cabinet remains unchanged, even after thirty years. The use of real wood veneers makes each pair of Image speakers unique and distinctive. For Image this is a proven practice that will never change.

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