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TAC (Febuary 13, 2010): The Holfi website is currently offline.

Holfi web site (October 27, 2009): HOLFI has set itself the goal to let you experience music in such a way that you can find here various feelings such as enthusiasm, joy, melancholy, or even relaxation. Music is an art form that - may be different than language - crossing cultural boundaries, it speaks more to the subconscious. Therefore stands for HOLFI in developing their products less the optical design in the foreground rather than their ability to transmit music through natural emotions. Our mission is therefore to convey the emotional content of music. To achieve this, our products must possess the following qualities:

We promise to respect these principles and make our products constantly so that they will bring their properties through the emotions of the music just as close as possible to reflect the music so so real as possible.

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