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Hoerning web site (October 27, 2009): The quest for natural music reproduction has taken us in a radically different direction as we come to a greater understanding of how to recreate the live music experience in your home. Discerning music lovers and critical reviewers the world over have praised the uniquely natural, effortless and tangible musical musical illusion created by our speakers with just a few Watts of amplifier power. High effeiciency is a major priority, fully exploiting the superior sound of today's low-powered, single-ended tube amplifiers.

The natural musical performance og Horning Horn Systems is the results of 20 years of intensive research into the audible properties of horn speakers and horn hybrid systems. Innovative research has made it possible to create a transducer with uniquely true to live dynamics, tonality and soundstaging, allowing the music to live and breathe in Your room. Our starting point was the outstanding dynamics and excellent bass impulse response of the horn, an ideal basis for mid and high fundamentals. Once it had been widely accepted that bass horn systems lend an unnatural nasal coloration to the midrange, regardless of the horn geometry, horns fell out of favor, losing ground to sealed enclosure systems. This resulted in World patented Horning H.D.A.Q.C.S. (Horning Double Asymmetric Quarter Wave Cabinet/Enclosure System): a system with individual loading for each driver, but with common loadening in a single hyperbolic shaped output pipe with port.

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