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Heco web site (January 19, 2010): Heco has been committed to the philosophy of high quality music reproduction in the home since the day the company was founded almost 6 decades ago. In addition to the constant evolution of its already tried-and-tested technologies, Heco has always seen itself as an innovative leader in the development of new concepts. As a pioneer of many widely accepted design innovations, such as dome tweeters and long throw rubber surrounds, Heco´s image was forged by several legendary loudspeaker designs.

The Activ 2000K studio monitor, the first B 130 compact speaker and the physically commanding high-end speaker, Concerto Grosso each represent a milestone in loudspeaker engineering. The current flagship of the Heco range is certainly the Alnico reference box HECO The Statement. All Heco loudspeakers are developed at the company's laboratory in Pulheim near Cologne. This ultra modern facility; fully equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and acoustic simulation hardware, including the laser-supported Klippel system, provides Heco´s experienced engineers with the perfect environment to work on continuously improving the company's loudspeaker technology.


Heco web site (January 19, 2010): Heco - tradition in loudspeakers since 1949

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