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TAC (November 10, 2009): The Great Dane Audio website is currently offline.

Great Dane Audio web site (November 10, 2009): We set out to build a high-end loudspeaker which could match (or surpass) any other model you can find on the market. Yes, it's indeed a difficult task and some might call us ignorants. On the other hand, having a really tough goal makes the task a lot more exciting.

Bear in mind that this loudspeaker is indeed a DIY speakerproject even though some may not think so. We are just two very compassionate DIY-guys spending more money than sensible on our hobby.

A unique appearance which in its design is not constrained by normal rational design, craftmanship- and materialcosts. The inspiration is partly the original B&W 800 loudspeaker, considering the units and the placement positions on the front. Partly it's our own thoughts on:

How to make a speaker capable of playing the most demanding music without compromising the needed level of sound pressure.

How to make a speaker which is not too room critical with regards to positioning, a goal was to make it usable in the everyday livingroom and still get the right musical experience.

Designwise we did not want to stick with those normal shoebox look-a-like speakers you see everywhere and thus the nicely curved sides quickly came to our minds. They give a more sculptural looking speaker and the added rigidity is a nice free bonus.

All woodwork is done by a very skilled carpenter named: Mito Nord/Lars Mikkelsen. His work is eminent and we highly recommend him to anyone with the need for good-looking enclosures. Lars is not just a skilled carpenter but an avid loudspeaker builder himself, thus he can support you with his knowledge about speaker enclosures ensuring the perfect result looking just as you imagined it.

After making these 4 enclosures Lars had a comment: "It doesn't matter whatever difficult projects people will bring me in the future, it can't get any harder than this!"

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