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  • Gran Prix Electronics Inc.
  • 900 N. 23rd. St. St. Louis, MO 63106, USA
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  • +1 314 621 3314
  • +1 314 621 0869


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Dynamic Speakers
Tape Decks

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Dennis Crombach (Febuary 17, 2010): The GPX mission is to be a premier supplier of affordable, reliable, fun and easy to use audio and video consumer electronic products for leisure, home and office use. To carry out this mission, we design and market a broad array of products from Clock Radios to Home Theater Systems. GPX brings a distinctive design flair and quality obsession to every product it sells. We focus on: Serving as a reliable source of distinctive and affordable products that are both innovative and easy to use. Consistently introducing new technologies and designs to our customers


Michael Beshire (Febuary 17, 2010): GPX, Inc., formerly Dick Proctor Imports, was founded in 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri. It began operations as an importer of factory brand consumer electronics from the Orient. With the inception of the Gran Prix Electronics division in 1973, the Company began designing and contracting for the manufacture of products under its own brand name, "Gran Prix". This evolution continued until the line was entirely composed of items exclusively designed and manufactured for Gran Prix Electronics. In 1985, Dick Proctor Imports, Inc. was formally changed to GPX, Inc. Subsequently, the product brand was changed from "Gran Prix" to "GPX". In 1986, the Dutch company Hagemeyer, N.V. acquired a majority interest in GPX. Over the ensuing 8 years, GPX continued to grow by adding new categories and continuing to build its relationships with retailers. GPX was acquired in April 2004 by Synergy Enterprises, LLC, a New Jersey-based private investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of platform companies with significant growth potential.

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