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Solid State Amplifiers

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Gradiente web site (November 16, 2009): Gradiente is a Brazilian consumer electronics company based in Sao Paulo. The company designs and markets many product lines, including video (including televisions, and DVD players), audio, home theater, high end acoustics, office and mobile stereo, and wireless. The company was founded in 1964. In 1996 they merged with Playtronic, the licensed manufacturer of Nintendo consoles in Brazil,[1] and while publishing games for various systems they also provided Portuguese translations of some games. However, they stopped the partnership with Nintendo in 2003 because of the high price of the dollar at the time. Our essence is the source of inspiration for our business, and it says a lot about who we are.


It is our objective and the motivation for developing the best entertainment solutions for our consumers. "Wherever eyes want to see the new, wherever ears want to hear the best, wherever hearts and minds search for interaction and emotion: There is Gradiente."


It is how we face the challenge of captivating consumers with our products and services. "In a world where the pace of change is increasing, we will enhance the strength and value of Gradiente by being the fastest, the most attuned, the ones who are able to capture and anticipate the demands and desires of people. We will achieve this by using the best of technology and partnerships, by developing talents, creating enchantment, producing innovation and making people's lives better with each product and service."


They are the ethical underpinnings of our company; they reflect our culture, what we are and what we believe. "We are a company that is committed to captivating its consumers. Our relationships are based on ethical behavior because we believe in and respect people. Integrity is our standard of conduct. We are entrepreneurs and innovators whose goal is excellence. This is what sustains our strength and credibility, as well as our belief in Brazil."

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