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TAC (November 10, 2009): The Gertner Audio website is currently offline.

Gertner Audio web site (November 10, 2009): The CELTECH 1091 is a speaker for the person that is serious about their music investment. Speakers are the most important building block in an outstanding music system, and this model was designed to grow with your component selections. As you make changes and improvements to your components, the CELTECH 1091 will remain a component of sound integrity. It will be one area of your system you can count on.

The CELTECH 1091 shares the same technology as the rest of the CELTECH series. The attention to providing excellent efficiency and enhancing clarity allows your system to extend its capabilities effortlessly. Our patent pending angled port design provides excellent bass extension without becoming boomy. When combined with the wide dispersion driver compliment, stereo imaging is full and placement of the speakers becomes less critical.

We have engineered the CELTECH 1091 to take advantage of innovation yet it is reasonably sized to provide an excellent solution within precious living space. Our design allows for placement on the floor, speaker stands, or shelves, to give you maximum flexibility.

Gertner Audio uses some of the industr's best components and materials for performance, durability, and aesthetics. We support our products with a 7 year warranty on parts and labor, since we know you are not just making a purchase, you are making an investment.

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