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Dynamic Speakers

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TAC (November 10, 2009): The Gekko website is currently offline.

Gekko web site (November 10, 2009): Gekko Flat Speakers are a unique speaker alternative for home entertainment. The speakers come equipped with a conventional grille that can be easily replaced with a piece of art. Through a high-tech process, any image in the ArtGekko collection can be printed to create a custom speaker grille. Substantial research and testing was conducted to find the optimal fabric and printing process to assure the highest quality image reproduction. The end result is a truly beautiful product that will complement any setting.

Using upgrade grilles mounted in frames provide an even broader range of artistic options. When placed over the Gekko Flat Speaker, the specialty frame and upgrade printed grille makes the speaker completely disappear. The versatility of Gekko Flat Speakers opens a whole world of possibilities for creative home decor.

The ArtGekko Collection contains a wide selection of beautiful prints specifically designed to transform Gekko Flat Speakers into works of art. You select an image from the collection and we deliver to you a printed speaker grille that fits onto your Gekko Flat Speaker. The collection also includes upgrade grilles to mount into frames (purchased separately) that can be fitted with larger-sized prints and hung over your Gekko Flat speaker.

The versatility of Gekko Flat speakers opens a whole world of possibilities for creative home decor.

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