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Dynamic Speakers

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Ged Lee Associates web site (November 10, 2009): The Geddes line of loudspeakers is the product of years of intensive research into loudspeakers, room acoustics, and psychoacoustics. This research has led to a rather unique approach to the optimum playback system for a small room. The speakers shown here represent the current state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design using the highly acclaimed waveguides that have been developed by Dr. Geddes over the last thirty years. A white paper is available that highlights Dr. Geddes approach to systems design. This approach is based on his years of research into the problems of audio playback in small rooms and this paper defines the design principles that go into each of Geddes products.

Ged LeeLLC is also a small consulting firm with expertise in loudspeaker design and analysis, home theater, sound quality, noise control, hearing aids and hearing aid transducers. Dr. Geddes has extensive experience as an expert witness in both product liability cases as well as patent infringement.

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