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General information[contribute]

The Garrard DD-75 is a turntable. It was manufactured from 1977 to unknown.

Wayne Akins (April 1, 2014): Would like to know at what settings need to be for the tone arm Thank you

Randy (December 22, 2014): I've had my Garrard DD75 for 37 years. It still rocks today as it did from Radio Shack in 1977. At that time, reviews of all competitors came out with the DD75 on top. Still use the Shure M95 ED cartridge it originally came with. It's supposed to be used with about 1.5 grams. I use mine with between a half gram and 3/4s.

It can get a bit loud around here with the sound pressure levels, so best to have that turntable on a solid surface that won't pick up vibration.


dave jeff (November 10, 2011): i have owned my dd75 for a whilr now and have had no problems with it at all .can recommrnd it to anyone who loves vinyl . i have found the best cartridge for this turntable to be an ortofon f15e or vms 20, my personal preference is the f15 which works brilliently at 1.5 grams.
quite a heavy deck and solidly built, early ones better than later ones as early ones were all wood, pitch cotrol with full adjustment available, although mine is rock steady and never needs adjusting, tone arm on this model was regarded as the best garrard ever made .. finaly see the specs in the manual and you will see that it is up there and possibly better than the likes of the jenco gl75, thorens td 150/160.. dave

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