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Fried Products web site (April 2004):

The Return of Fried Products (By Jon Iverson) December 22, 2003 One of audio's true originals, Irving "Bud" Fried first made his mark in the late 1950s by becoming an early US importer of Lowther corner horn and Quad electrostatic loudspeakers. By 1975, he had established his own company and began releasing speaker models under the Fried nameplate.

Since that time, Fried has stuck to the principle of "evolutionary design development," incrementally improving his products by perfecting the use of series networks, satellite subwoofers, transmission lines, line tunnels, and distributed loading techniques.

Read the entire article at the stereophile website.

FRIED has been developing, refining and evolving reference quality loudspeakers for over 30 years. Originators of the free flow transmission line, line tunnel and distributive loading loud speakers, we have provided thousands of dedicated listeners with windows of ever increasing transparency into the world of sound.

Extraordinarily designed, and built with durable, high-end, long-lasting materials and components, for decades FRIED Products loudspeakers have embodied the synergistic combination of engineering and a profound love of music. The result achieved critical acclaim from the audiophile press, and a legion of dedicated owners.


Fried Products web site (April 2004): The story of FRIED begins with the story of Irving Bud Fried.

In 1957, Victor Brociner, co-founder of Fisher Radio, was leaving the business and suggested to Bud that he become the official importer of the Lowther corner horns, the creations of P.G.A.H. Voight. In 1958, Bud became the importer of the revolutionary Quad electrostatic.

At the suggest of Saul Marantz, the IMF trademark was registered in 1961, a trademark that was in succeeding years applied to all kinds of advanced developments for music reproduction: cartridges (IMF - London, IMF - Goldring), tone arms (SME, Gould, Audio and Design), amplifiers (Quad, Custom Series), loudspeakers (Lowther, Quad, Celestion, Bowers and Wilkins, Barker, etc.)

In 1968 a British branch of IMF was opened. It was this combined Anglo-American company which produced the now legendary IMF Monitor, the first truly wide band loudspeaker the world had seen, examples of which are still being used today.

In 1975, by court arrangement, the English and American divisions of IMF were split, and the trademark FRIED was thenceforth used on all of Bud's designs. The new designs were based upon the same inexorable laws of acoustics that had created the IMF Monitor and made use of new technology as it became available. To enumerate a few FRIED benchmarks; the Model H System, the first modern satellite subwoofer system, the Model M (1977), the first satellite transmission line subwoofer in one unit, the SUPER Monitor (1978) which many still consider to be one of the premier speakers of our day, and the B satellite series (1976 to 1979).

All of FRIED's current models represent the companies dedication to the principle of evolutionary design development. Avoiding the tendency of many companies to give the latest design fad a whirl while tossing out well proven methods, FRIED builds upon its past and the immutable laws of acoustics while incorporating thoroughly tested new technologies. No other company or group of companies can lay claim to such distinction in the past, to the universal admiration for its designs, which are rooted in fundamental acoustic design principles. It has been said that the reason why only FRIED can create designs that it has is the input from learned sources all over the world, authorities on music and its reproduction. Their input is organized and incorporated into FRIED designs of the past and present.

Such devices as series networks, satellite subwoofers, transmission lines, Line Tunnels, and Distributed Loading are used today in various FRIED models and by no other manufacturer in such advanced sophisticated ways. These are methods of sound reproduction which others have hardly thought of, or thought of ten years too late. One can begin to understand how this wealth of historic knowledge and its continuous redevelopment produces loudspeakers which in all ways far exceed more

primitive designs in their ability to reproduce accurately the timbres, clarity, and dynamics of live music.

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