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Fisher Doctor Website (Febuary 10, 2010): We are THE specialists in vacuum tube Fisher gear! Meticulous hand-craftmanship and extensive knowledge and resources in vintage Fisher gear make us the absolute leader in the field. We restore ANY vacuum tube Fisher gear and have an extensive library of service manuals, operating manuals, ond other literature. Other brands of high quality audio gear are serviced as well, please inquire.

Sherry (February 17, 2010): I have an old Fisher Receiver. Here are some numbers I found. Everything still works good, but here is something I may need.

I assume that these are no longer made. Is there any interchangeable aplifiers that would work with this old system.

Jim Martin (September 16, 2014): I am looking for the ribbon connector for the 8630D system bought new in 1994 but more than likely was a 1993 vintage. my was lost while is storage.


Joaquin (June 24, 2011): I have a TA-600 Stereophonic tuner amp, Ser# 44135 E which came with a mpx-200 Mono-Stereo thing that I'm not sure what this does to the stereo. A good friend of mine gave it to me and said that it belong to his grandfather that was a Radio DJ in LA I believe. I would like to know more about this as I am having no luck finding my friend to ask him about it.

Thank You Kindly


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