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Dynamic Speakers

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Etude web site (October 28, 2009): Etude also grew from a passion for sound and developed into a modern and flexible loudspeaker manufacturer, whose product and identity-manual high priority be worn.

In 1979 ETUDE introduced its first design: the MP ETUDE 1. The "father" of the spatial representation, the alternative in speaker design and for many the reference from which ideas could be drawn. With veterans of the components was an unparalleled world-music piece LIVE put down, which set up the neatly-release show in a hotel in Utrecht to a memorable event had become.

The "spatial" view, which was soon followed, evolved into a dimensional view, the sine qua non for all ETUDE speakers, the foundation of the LIVE feel. The term "Dimensional" implies that detail the source is localized in space and that the mutual proportions of the instruments intact. Etude, more than anyone else, proved that the saying "SEE HEAR IS" a profound truth lies.

A second fundamental characteristic of a speaker Etude is respect for the timbre of an instrument. ETUDE will not add timbre. This means that an introduction ETUDE an impressive speaker not happen, this is the longer term, however, is an interesting speaker, and that is impressive.

Both preceding two paragraphs are key terms in the foreground: Dimension and Timbre. The concepts are familiar, they rarely nocht hans together to find a speaker.

During the study we undertook to sound in general, we proposed two key relationships established in the sound waves, in a sound, one in time. For example, the timbre, the timbre of an instrument given by the difference in level between the fundamental tones and their overtones (harmonics). The location of a sound source, we can determine the time difference between direct and geref did leak sound. The latter have their own timbre and dimension relationships. You notice it already, it is a fairly complicated story. However, it fails the first designer relationship, in this sound, hold harmless, he will a neat reproduction of the timbre can get. He also manages to maintain relationships over time he will Identical copy of the original one can reproduce, both in timbre and placement (and timbre dimension).

ETUDE pays much attention to the design. This requires a highly craftsmanship. Therefore we have invested in quality people and "High End" woodworking machines. We are not afraid to back bold furniture, always inspired by interior integration.

Innovation, both in terms of system construction as for selection is paramount. However, on a continuing basis and in cooperation with renowned suppliers. We attach great importance to service the long term. An "ephemeral" component is not welcome us. Innovation also means that each speaker ETUDE a separate system and is not the offshoot of the big brother.

Computer Aided Design. This is a term to be used and uninvited. Granted, we also use the computer in the administrative process. In our laboratory, the use of the limited computer to perform complex calculations. ETUDE is to develop a moderate hearing process and then we will not tolerate interference from digital logic. Naturally we have a measuring instruments as back-up. And here again the "High End" principle applies: the best is good enough.

Technical data used in the numerical comparison of various systems and concepts. They are highly dependent on the applied measurement procedures and have therefore only a relative value. Speakers compare best with your ears, with the figures you should not live with the sound is.

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