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TAC (October 28, 2009): The Element website is currently offline.

Element web site (October 28, 2009): ELEMENT's Cascaded Driver Technology employs dual class AB active drivers that are optimized and finely tuned in tandem with the HDF cabinet utilizing ELEMENT's Constant Delay Filter Technology to virtually eliminate distortion and coloration in the LFX while delivering true accurate low frequency output.


Constant Delay Filter Technology with driver optimization for greater differential of motion results in less coupling between drivers prevents nonlinearities.


Getting near-perfect driver motion is only a part of the story. Launching the energy into the room is critical. ELEMENT's Boundary Coupling Technology spreads the low frequency energy into the room the most linear and effective way in a 360-degree radiation pattern.

Handshake is a new ELEMENT technology that integrates two channel-uncompromised audio with multi-channel Home Theater.

Using high quality relays and precision level adjusting buffers for Home Theater, ELEMENT has developed a system that allows a Home Theater receiver/AV processor to neatly borrow the front channels (with subwoofer) for an uncompromised transparent two channel audio system hand off to the Home Theater system with the added benefit of proper signal level matching.

The two-channel mode is completely isolated from the Home Theater system with absolutely no electrical connections. HandShake uses only the highest quality connectors and performance telecommunications grade mechanical relays, which provide the most transparent delivery of the audio signal.

When the HandShake is triggered by a 12V trigger signal from an AV receiver/processor the relays connect the inputs of the amplifiers automatically to the AV processor through a level matching system with precision adjustments, all necessary for the highest quality home theater experience.

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