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  • Güterstrasse 8 CH-3008 Bern, Switzerland
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  • info@strauss-elektroakustik.com
  • +41(31)381 50 55
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Dynamic Speakers

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Elektro Akustik web site (January 27, 2010): In the context of production, recording and reproduction of acoustic signals SE is specialized in aspects of reproduction: loudspeakers and sound systems, room acoustics as well as the integration of sound re-enforcement and room acoustics.


The acoustic design of concert halls, studios, movie theatres, discos, offices, seminar premises and HI-FI rooms demands to take into account a variety of factors. SE advises architects, studio owners, concert organizers, musicians, producers and HI-FI users on the choice of the acoustic conditions worth striving for.

TAC (August 25, 2011): Elektro Akustik appears to be out of business

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