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Elac web site (October 2000):Available in autumn 2000 Picture Loudspeakers From Monet to Picasso - Individual Flat Panel Speakers

These pictures are not just nice to look at, they are also absolutely new hi-fi loudspeakers. Based on NXT technology, two ELAC exciters on the back of each picture guarantee an outstanding sound production. Music and art lovers can choose among various images from Monet to Picasso, from DaVinci to Szczesny. From autumn on, 14 pictures (size: 40 x 60cm) will be available with three different frame designs; three further frame sizes (40 x 50cm, 50 x 70cm, 60 x 80cm) will follow soon.

For best performance, ELAC's musical pictures have to be used with a subwoofer. Basically any active sub will be fine, however, from autumn 2000 on, ELAC will offer the extremely compact and unobtrusive BASS 373 to go with the panels. If you want to use your panels in a multi-room system or as surround speakers without being entangled in speaker cables throughout the house, the MMS 1 WL active subwoofer will be the right choice.

ELAC Exciters of Hi-Fi Quality for NXT Flat Panel Speakers

NXT (Next Generation Transducer) stands for a transducer technology that enables the production of sound by exciting large screens with special transducer systems (exciters). First patents on this technology go back to 1927, further attempts have been carried out in the seventies. New panel materials, advanced exciter technologies and the never ending efforts of the English company NXT revived that 'old idea' and rendered numerous new patents.

NXT (Next Generation Transducer) stands for a new transducer technology which enables the production of sound by using large screens as membranes and exciting them with special transducer systems (exciters). Compared to conventional speakers, the panels have a very wide-angle sound distribution. This is a general advantage of DML flat panel speakers. The sweet spot turns into a large "sweet area". With a warm, clear, balance and excellent vocal intelligibility, the sound is completely different from conventional speakers.

Applications of NXT-technology is more or less unlimited. These new bipolar radiators set the future trends for PA sound transmitting applications, e.g. larger halls in hotels, exhibitions, main stations or airports.

ELAC are now in production of the world's most advanced NXT exciters. These are the only 37 mm desgins approved by NXT (others are 25 mm or smaller) and due to the larger voice coil they can handle much higher powers. Each exciter is rated with a peak power handling of 30Watt (in ELAC panels) and the design ist highly efficient due to the strong neodymium magnets.

Elac web site (December 2003):á


Since 1981, loudspeaker have been our life. As we want people to enjoy music on a higher level, with more atmosphere and in varying forms, ELAC is committed to the highest possible quality We are dedicated to the perfection of loudspeaker engineering for you to dive into maybe unknown spheres of sound without restrictions on living ambience. To be able to produce uncompromising, hard-wearing, and modern products, ELAC is one of the few loudspeaker companies who build and produce the drive units - the motors - in-house thus continually extending their know-how.


The Kiel manufacturers relie on the success factors 'Innovation' and 'Quality' and promote technical advancement in their own house. This includes room-acoustic research and the development of computer programs for loudspeaker design and set-up as well as a specialised and highly vertically integrated production.

Made in Germany

For us, the challenge lies in coming up to the traditional ┤Made in Germany┤ in the sense of quality, longevity, and a technological edge. In this, the sound philosophy can be called ┤international┤ rather than ├é┬┤typically German'.


Elac web site (October 2000): On 1 September 1926, ELAC was founded as ELECTROACUSTIC GmbH. In those days, the company was dedicated to the research and development of nautical equipment, e.g. echo sounders and sonar systems.

In 1948, the first ELAC turntable was completed. A year later, 5600 of them had been already sold. Until 1980, when the production was stopped, sales were to reach over 4.5 million units worldwide.

In 1957 ELAC took out a patent for an electromagnetic cartridge. This patent turned out to be a revolution for record players and was the foundation of ELAC's reputation and success.

In 1981, after an economic crisis, the current management took over the running of the company.

In 1984, we started to include loudspeakers in our production programme. Scientific research and development formed the basis for ELAC in 1926 and for us, they still remain as important today.

Thus we invented the famous 4Pi Tweeter; we optimized the Jet Tweeter. Due to its controlled performance of the low and mid range frequencies, our renowned aluminium sandwich membrane has been a noticeable improvement on driver technology. Presently, we are producing the most advanced exciters in the world.

Despite crises economic and other, we have always managed to meet the demands of an audiophile public, striving for technological superiority as well as for beautifying life by music. Our principles of quality and innovation have been put into practise and rewarded many times.

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