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Ego Systems web site (January 27, 2010): ESI products are manufactured and distributed worldwide by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH, located in Leonberg, Germany. The company has been setup in 2006 as the new worldwide headquarter with the support by EGOSYS, Inc., based in Seoul, Korea, and RIDI multimedia GmbH (the ESI distributor in Germany). Our products are developed and produced at various locations around the globe including several locations in Germany. The main R&D center is located in Korea, additional local offices are located in USA, UK, Japan and China.

ESI has been making professional audio products for over a decade now. Today, ESI is one of the leading vendors for professional and semi-professional audio equipment worldwide. Our ESI branded and various OEM products developed by EGOSYS, Inc. are well known and used daily by hundreds of thousands of customers everywhere in the world and produced and brought to market by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH.


Richard (April 16, 2009): Ego Systems was one of the primary brands of Inter-Ego Systems, Inc., best known for its mainstay brand Pinnacle Loudspeakers (or Pinnacle Speakers). The original Ego Systems (aka EGO) products were produced beginning in November 1976 with the first introduction being a vented 8" two way, simply named the Model 8.2 Next came the 10.2, and by spring, 1977, the 12.3 was introduced. A very popular variant of it was the wood-veneer version, slightly different in its physical dimensions and somewhat more potent acoustically. Because this version was made with precisely the same parts, including crossover network, venting, and damping, the improvement was attributed to a more favorable dimensional balance to the cabinet, although the internal volume was essentially equivalent.

Ego Systems introduced the Model 10.3 in late 1978, followed by a complete series redesign in 1979 which resulted in several new models and sporting a variety of unusual features; LED power indicators, including a 4 step meter on the oiled walnut Super-EGO, were complemented by a unique "phase-compensation" switching panel and a continuously variable crossover range for the tweeters on certain models.The brand's trademark "controlled dispersion energizer" plate, affixed over the mylar dome tweeter, was converted from wood to zinc for the initial run of the Super-EGO series. Later iterations followed, along with private label variations of the main product lines. Examples include Electro-Phase, made from 1977-1979 for a New Jersey based dealer who wanted an in-house product designed to compete with Acousti-phase. Another version of the line was essentially an EGO "lite", made for Churchill Audio, a large retail chain based in the metro NY, L.I. region. Their products, also designed and produced by EGO Systems, were dubbed the "Pro" series and included three models. Expanding into potent micro speakers in 1980, EGO Systems produced the Mini, and its upscale counterpart, the Super-Mini, which featured a rear mounted passive radiator as the bass-enhancing vehicle.

In the first half of the 1980's, the company undertook yet more special design offshoots for major retailers, including two generations of "Sound Pulse" models. Primary products under the EGO/Ego Systems brand expanded into floor-standing towers too. Various models utilized custom-made passive radiators during the 1980-1982 period. These were specialized foam-disc devices, suspended onto die-cast zinc frames with foam surrounds providing the mechanical suspension.

By late 1985, after releasing more compact bookshelf models to complement their larger speakers, the EGO/Ego Systems brand was being phased out. PINNACLE had become the company's primary brand and continues to be produced to this day, here in the spring of 2009. Inter-Ego Systems has, in additional to its flagship PINNACLE Loudspeakers brand, produced a variety of limited run titles that served as adjuncts to its main product lineup.

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