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Dynamic Speakers

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Eclipse TD web site (October 24, 2009): What makes us enjoy music - masterful technique from skilled artists, the composer's creative expression, an elaborate score, the sheer quality of voices and the timbre of instruments? Eclipse TD recreates them all accurately, giving you something else to enjoy, too - the sense of actually being present with the artist in the concert hall or recording studio. You can actually feel the atmosphere.

We call it "total musical enjoyment". Eclipse TD achieves it by reproducing the acoustic ingredients of music with its original sonic character and purity intact -free from exaggerated "flavouring" and distortion added by the speakers.

So how can we recreate sound fidelity without affecting acoustic integrity? The answer is go back to the definition of Hi-Fi itself - the high-fidelity reproduction of waveforms.

Our quest for the ultimate Hi-Fi is grounded in this back-to-basics approach - sounds are made by vibrations in air called "waveforms". It's our goal to make speakers that reproduce waveforms faithful to the original recorded sounds. To achieve this we need a new theory of sound - Time Domain Theory.

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