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Dynamic Speakers

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EbEn Acoustics Lab web site (December 2001): EbEn Acoustics Lab custom hand-crafted loudspeakers deliver superior performance at a reasonable price. Each EAL model is hand-crafted with great care one pair at a time in San Francisco. Our mission and reason for living on this planet is to produce incredible sounding pieces of fine furniture. We have designed and engineered each model to amaze the audiophile in such areas as:

EbEn Acoustics Lab loudspeakers have excellent imaging capabilities, presenting music and movies to you the way in which they were intended. We strive to create speakers that produce sound so vivid that you will find yourself pointing out imperfections in your favorite CDs. Whether listening at low or high volumes, you will be amazed by the clarity. You will begin to physically feel the music and you will also quickly understand why we humans perceive pressure on our ear drums as sound. You will immediately sense the joy of a great sounding set of speakers. The bass response is rich, deep and powerful to the point where it is no longer an audible experience but a physical one. You will experience concert bass that is felt deep in your chest in the comfort of your home. The midrange, the center of musical dynamics, is clear and life-like. You will think the musicians are actually in the room with you. The highs are crisp and brilliant going beyond the edge of human audibility.

All EAL models have been created using the latest in computer-aided design software. Our knowledge and passion for perfect sound translates into speakers with a truly unique proprietary sound. Each model has been extensively tested to assure tonal accuracy.

The complete EAL line includes stand-mounted loudspeaker systems, powered subwoofers, floor-standing towers with internal powered subwoofers, and musical instrument speakers. We offer FREE shipping, full money back guarantees, and 3 year full warranties on all models. Touch the music!

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