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ESS Transtatic 1

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General information[contribute]

The ESS Transtatic 1 is an electrostatic speaker.

donn p mcmahon (October 9, 2017): i currently own a pair of translinear's with outboard
heil amt sitting on top. i know they were modified sometime
during the mid to late 70's.
the heil boxes contain 2 units each with plastic terminals wired
to them. i am not selling them. if you send me a mailing address
i will send you photos. i purchased them from a chicago policeman
whose wife disagreed with the rust colored fabric covering on the
tranlinear and the black fabric on the heil boxes.
driving them with marantz mono amplifiers.
no email address, i'm not on social media. i will photo them for
free & mail them to you.


Phil Chance (November 18, 2005): The Tranlinear loudspeaker was the best bargin in a quasi high-end speaker at that time, I got mine for about $600 pr. pair! I truly regret ever parting with those speakers but I got so impressed with the Carver Amazing I sold them and bought a pair of Silvers SE. The remark about the early ESS speakers lacking low bass is incorrect. They were known for room shaking bass and were popular with organ enthusiasts and Pink Floyd fanatics! Every review of them raved about the bass output. Today, I feel the Translinear and certainly the Transtatic had exceptionaly well defined bass, characteristic of expertly designed and tuned transmission lines. While the ultimate bass output of any of them fall short of some modern subwoofers, they are more musical sounding and are a better choice for actually listening to music instead of theater sound effects! Cellos in particular were reproduced excellently by my Translinears and the I recall being so blown over by their demo in the upscale audio salon I bought them from when the salesman played ELP's "Trilogy" album, driving them with the first high-powered amp at that time, the new Phase Linear 700. They sounded 'electrostatic" in the highs and the lows were incredible. They did have a slight 'boxiness' to the lower midrange which was pretty much common to alot of speakers at the time but it was not a problem. Anyway the ads from those days did make mention of the fact that only the top two ESS speakers used the Janzen electrostats. ESS were rather proud of the much lower-priced Tranlinear and IransMonitor for aproaching the deep bass impact and detailed high end of the Transtatic 1 while using dynamic drivers. ..Now if I could just find a pair of Tranlinear/Transtatics for sale somewhere!!..

Anatoli from Moscow (June 27, 2006): 25 years I listen these speakers. Amazing sound.

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