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Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Stefano Pasini (December 9, 2005): EMT, founded 1940 by Wilhelm Franz, is a tradition-rich company and has offered outstanding audio products for the professional user for decades. In 2003 the company was re-established and is called now EMT Studiotechnik GmbH. Today´ range includes EMT Studio & Audiophile products.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Hans-Michael Fabritius (May 13, 2009): Fabtech - All spare parts and service for EMT turntables and other EMT products by Hans-Michael Fabritius (www.fabtech.de), the co-author of Stefano Pasinis book "Deutsche Perfektion". New audio boards for EMT 948/950.

EMT 950 Restoration and tweaking (by Stefano Pasini)
EMT turntables Maintained by Hans-Ludwig Dusch Dipl.Ing. Supply new and old EMTs, spares and the famed 'Spiegelglas- Plattenteller' for the 927 and 930. He offers also, since December 15, 2000, the famous 'Hammerschlag' paint for the 927/930 and the special EMT oil. (provided by Stefano Pasini)
Triode Zen Here they offer original EMT TSD-15 cartridges, both 'normal' and 'gold' (provided by Stefano Pasini)
Van Den Hul will retip and modify your EMT '15'-series cartridges (MC-1 AC, MC-1-BC) (provided by Stefano Pasini)
harryzet@yahoo.de If you are looking for a good-to-excellent second-hand EMT of any age, and spares as well with a friendly touch contact.

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EMT Studio-Turntables Maintained by Miyazaki Katsumi.
EMT turntables Maintained by Hans-Ludwig Dusch Dipl.Ing.

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