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  • Tri-Cell Enterprises Inc.
  • 176 Monsheen Dr. Woodbridge, Ontario
  • Official website
  • vince@tricell-ent.com
  • +1 800 263 8151
  • +1 905 265 7868


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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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EAD web site (October 24, 2009): Over the past decade, EAD has redefined high-end home theater with groundbreaking digital audio and video innovations. EAD has joined two other audio innovators, Alpha Digital Technologies and TARA Labs, to create the new standard in digital audio and video excellence. When EAD joined Alpha Digital Technologies and TARA Labs in 2001, all three companies had established reputations for digital audio excellence. EAD has grown to become the world leader in digital audio and video technology with the introductions of the TheaterMaster and PowerMaster.

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