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Dynamic Speakers

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Dynasonic web site (January 13, 2010): Since 1985 DYNASONIC LTD based in Athens Greece, is actively producing high quality Hi Fi Loudspeaker systems, and their drivers. The ARMONIA Loudspeaker System series, are designs based on drivers specifically made in DYNASONIC factory for the system production. The advantages of controlling the manufacturing of its own drivers is fully exploited by DYNASONIC . The complement of drivers, woofers, midrange and tweeters present a solid foundation for the ARMONIA series design targets. Woofers were designed and produced on optimum T.S. parameters. Additionally the feuture of DYNAPULSE, a four layer short coil moving, in a long homogeneous magnetic gap,is employed in the woofers.


  1. Die-caste frame, sonically inert and geometrically stable
  2. Yellow polypropylene surround
  3. Polypropylene cone body
  4. Progressive, cup type centralizing spider
  5. (The DYNAPULSE High temperature 4-layer coil
  6. The aluminium former carrying the DYNAPULSE coil
  7. Heavy magnetic pole plates precision CNC machined

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