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Dynamic Speakers

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Diora Swidnica web site (November 11, 2009): The Company produces wide range of house products containing both loudspeaker systemss and television-sets stands. These products are characterized by high quality workmanship, careful details preparation and finish-up.

Most often materials used to produce these goods are chipboards and MDFs enriched by PCV foil, natural veneer application or varnishing. Concerning final clients' expectations each product is offered in very wide range of types. PCV foils are mostly provided by main supplier in loudspeakers branch - COVA PLAST enterprise from Great Britain. It is possible to use any type of natural veneer - even the most exotic (e.g. rosewood, teak or yew). And also obtaining various varnish coats: from structural through mat to sheen.

Various forms of boxes are used- from these with simple cubic shapes even to complicated cylindrical with multidimensional curvature.


Diora Swidnica web site (November 11, 2009): The beginning of DIORA SWIDNICA company remount 19th century, when on the grounds of present plant, German company Hugo ROITHNER &Co. was founded. It dealt with production of wooden sport and exercises equipment as well as toys and child's furniture.

In 1945 according to border changes after the World War, the plant administration was passed to the Polish government and it started functioning as Dolnoskie Fabryki Mebli.

In 1977 r. the Ministry of Economics decided about incorporation of Dolnoskie Fabryki Mebli into the structures of Zakady Radiowe DIORA. At that time the aim of enterprise was to deliver boxes for the needs of national electronic industry.

The company produced loudspeakers, television-sets and radio boxes. In 1981 the enterprise obtained legal status of limited liability company. Since than it started individual activity on the market. New constructions of loudspeakers boxes and RTV stands were designed and added to the sales offer. Successful market debut of designed products became encouragement to run deeply into the market.

In the 90-ties new constructions of loudspeakers boxes were designed - among all - famous POLARIS series. Outstanding, high quality realization and remarkable designed products caused increased interest in the company and its products from foreign clients. In mid 90-ties cooperation with foreign clients raised rapidly, and export share in the company's turnover was increasing successively. Breakdown of domestic market in the years 1998 -2002 made company to concentrate on export. At present over 90% of turnover is realized by export, and the enterprise cooperates with most significant world companies.

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