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Dynamic Speakers

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Digital Phase web site (October 23, 2009): Digital Phase is one of only two hi-end esoteric speaker manufacturers selling direct to the consumer. This factory-direct program exemplifies our confidence in our product. If for any reason the purchaser (outside the local area of the factory) is not fully satisfied, this program allows them a 30-day money back guarantee! You simply can't go wrong! The factory-direct program also saves you money in that you don't have to pay distributors markup, retailers markup, sales spiffs, and commission to the salesman. Therefore, the money that you spend on a Digital Phase product goes directly into the product.

Digital Phase is the only manufacturer to be selected and placed in the CES Showstoppers (a Stereo Review award) two years in row for the same product. They are also the only speaker manufacturer to produce the deepest bass from a speaker with a woofer no larger than 6.5 inches, including the extreme low bass that is normally produced by an expensive and cumbersum powered subwoofer. They are able to do this because of the Acousta-Reed technology which was patented in 1992. (See Acousta-Reed Technology from our home page.)

Digital Phase is a company dedicated to the realism of the source material, therefore they thrive in achieving accuracy in every product they manufacture, whether that product be for music or for video. Quality control is very important at Digital Phase. You wont find an assembly line in their manufacturing facility. (See Detailed Product Information from our home page.) Also extensive testing is performed on every speaker built at Digital Phase to insure the highest quality and truest imaging from each system.

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