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Dynamic Speakers

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Diablo Acoustics web site (Februari 13, 2003): At Diablo Acoustics we are committed to designing and manufacturing the finest high fidelity loudspeakers in the world. When you experience a Diablo product, you will soon realize that we are anything but traditional. We are the cutting edge of loudspeaker design, the leaders, not the followers.

We have chosen the finest components for each of our products, from our entry-level mobile audio speakers all the way up to our flagship Model 1 Reference home audio loudspeaker system. Each design is executed with precision in craftsmanship and fashioned with unparalleled aesthetics. In all of these areas the Diablo products excel. However, this is not what truly allows Diablo to stand apart from the crowd.

Musicality. The ability of the loudspeaker to transport the listener into the music, this is where Diablo really shines. The heart and soul of each Diablo product lies in its ability to engage its listeners, to allow them to forget about the components and the system, to convey the emotional aspects of music we all sense.

To feel the music and stir the soul. For us at Diablo, that's what it's all about.

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