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Delta Loudspeakers web site (January 13, 2010): Delta Loudspeakers manufactures professional acoustic loudspeakers since 1992. Delta Loudspeakers product are innovative, market responsive, cost effective and meet the demands of future technology. Some technical aspects in our product can seem simple in the finishing touch but the final result is impressive and testifies our serious approach to Pro-audio. Every technical aspect in our product has been studied intensively in order to recognize what occurs when a complete system in functioning. Delta Loudspeakers has spent time, money and human resources in order to produce a line of professional loudspeakers that sound excellent without requiring the intervention of a sound engineer.

International customers are concerned with acoustical difficulties and some rely on our technical support because they get accurate and concise answers to any technical question. Their main concern is to prevent speculating on the finest methods, stop wasting time and money, and start making significant, noticeable improvements in the efficiency of how they do their job. If feedback {Larsen}, phase shifts, poor intelligibility, uneven coverage, or other problems occur for no apparent reason, they are probably violating some basic sound principles. Our technical support is at the de disposal of our customers and is offered as an integral part of our product.

Delta Loudspeakers are manufactured with a single-minded dedication which preserves the properties that make music so exciting. Delta Loudspeakers combine the latest manufacturing technology with the skills of the most highly trained, conscientious craftsmen in the industry today.


Delta Loudspeakers web site (October 21, 2009):

HANS ANDREAS LANGE, Originator of Delta Loudspeakers products

1986 "in the beginning " What Andreas had in mind in 1986; where not exactly school lectures

1988 "solving formulas" Solving equations in order to get Ret

1989 "reading carefully" During Andréa's studies, He was more than careful on particular acoustical books.

1989 "pass-band subwoofer" One of Andréa's  first product was an 18" based double chamber subwoofer

1991 "stone & glass Loudspeakers for home entertainment" Andreas passion for audio and beauty; speakers made of stone and glass.

1992 Looking closely to the internal resonances of a glass made loudspeaker via an analog analyzer; Andreas has several thousands of sweeps in our office, and keeps them in perfect condition!

1993 "non MLS based analyzers" The first measurement of the 9318 was made by Andreas in the free field via Neutrik audio analyzer model 3330.

1994 Some parameters have to be acquired very carefully in order to know exactly how a complete system behaves. Here is some data of an excellent 18" from EV (EVX18 A)

1997 stamp. These fibreglass horns have been developed specifically for the 9318, Andreas built a stamp with the negative profile of the device. The know-how served later for the development of other Delta products.

1997 "Street Parade Zurich" The 9318 has been used in several hundreds of different events; here they are in the single and double version on a truck at the Street Parade in Zurich Switzerland.

1997 "manymany 9318" forty-eight 9318 units were installed for Marillion, Shaggy and many others in 1996, 997; Andre's dream becomes closer.

1999 "just 9,8 kg  but 720 watts.." The dodecahedron engineered specifically for acoustical consultants. This unit is still in production.

1999A "order & disorder " The engineering power stays even in the usual disorder Andreas has in the demo room.

2000 " modern technology" Andreas has various acquisition systems at his disposal, a variety of products were produced thanks to the informatization of the acquired data. MLS based acquisition systems inspired him.

2003 "THE PRIZE OF HARD WORK" The actual research & development structure, directed by Andreas. The result of years of hard work, dedication and passion

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