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Dynamic Speakers

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Warning !!! The ESL company of David Lucas is out of business. You should be aware that the David Lacus company offers poor quality materials, does not support their customers, doesn't return phone calls, has a NO RETURN policy, and has over-priced parts. Their parts often do not work or are unsatisfactory in other ways. I have received E-mail from many amateur constructors from the David Lucus company and recommend that you spread the word that the company and its offerings are highly suspect and should be considered with the greatest caution.

Please know that I never saw or heard a David Lucas kit. The above is based on E-mail from visitors to the ESL Circuit, reading the adverts and manuals of the David Lucas Company and reading the messages in the various newsgroups.

The negative information I received was so overwhelming that I found this warning appropriate. If anyone has positive experiences with David Lucas, please let me know. I will be happy to publish it here.

Ed Johnson (December 2003): Just wanted to add that David Lucas handwound transformer stole my money also. After 6 months no transformers. Stealing is a game to this low life.

Kevin (May 2003): Just a note to say that Mr. Lucas is alive and well somewhere in Pennsylvania and currently associated in some capacity (Owner) with a Company called "Hand Wound Transformer". My order has in fact arrived and the Quality of the transformers were to my surprise quite unexpected based on the negative feedback I have read. Delivery was my only complaint and in all fairness I must say that Mr. David Lucas did deliver the product as described in his advertisement. Best regards Kevin

John Hodgson information: To cut a long story short I was happy to see ( on the ESL Circuit website) that a lot of people are unhappy with DAVID LUCAS. I ordered a catalog from "Tim Kelly" months ago and sent my USD $10 with a promise of the fastest post to Brunei. After a month I advised him that my catalog had not arrived. He replied promptly and said he would send another one by another carrier.

That was a month ago. Then I read the David Lucas writeup details on the ESL Circuit a couple of weeks ago and that explained it all! Needless to say I am not expecting my money nor the catalog so after this email to you I will be sending Tim a broadside. These guys obviously operate in a fashion in which they feel unobligated to customers or wouldbe customers so I applaud your actions cautioning dealings with this company. Thanks for the inside info. Hopefully David Lucas can either shape-up or ship-out.

Andy Tomlinson information: I sent these weasels some money over 2 yrs ago for their " Electrostatic Forum" a newsletter that was to be published four times a year. To date I have received two issues, numerous phone calls and emails have not been answered. I contacted Audio Amateur about this situation and they said they would look into it as they had a number of complaints( again no return calls, hardly suprising since David Lucas generates a lot of advertising revenue).I would say these guys are crooks, buyer beware!!!

Jean Landry information: I thought you might be interested in knowing that David Lucas now has a website at www.davidlucas.com. Unsurprisingly, the site can't be reached... I think it is also worth mentioning that his ads in Speaker Builder and Audio Electronics have drastically decreased in size and number, not to mention a much toned down style as of late. Potential buyers beware!

Jean Landry information: Being a long time ESL fan, I became very curious about 3 years ago when ads for the David Lucas company started appearing in Speaker Builder. I sent $2 and recieved a catalog. Everything sounded too good and too easy to be true. I got in touch with the magazine and asked them if they had had good or bad comments about that company. They said that they had never had any complaints and that they were to test one of the kits in the next few months, but that never happened.

More recently, more ads about various products have started to appear: plasma tweeter secrets, audio and power transformer secrets, ESL subwoofers, etc. Every ad is in an esoterico/hippie style and boasts about unbelievable performance for ridiculously low investments. The problem is those audio secrets cost a fortune ($160 for the transformer secret books for example).

I don't know, but it all sounds scammy to me. Speaker Builder is certainly not to be trusted since David Lucas probably counts for 10% of their publicity income. I'm just waiting to see.

Robbert (December 23, 2008): Paid march 3, 2002. Still waiting.

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