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Dali web site (July 2002): The world is bristling with exciting tales of brilliant people, who created products and solutions to the benefit and pleasure of other people through hard work and dedication. Just consider Antonio Stradivari, who created the famous Stradivarius violins, still regarded as the ultimate. Or Giovanni Bertone who used his enthusiasm and perseverance to create some of the world's most beautiful cars.

Our adventure began in 1983, when Peter Lyngdorf established Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industry, DALI. The idea behind DALI was quite simple and based on input from countless customers in the Danmarks Hi-Fi Klub shops who were searching for "State of the art" hi-fi loudspeakers, created with only one objective in mind: to deliver no-compromise sound.

To venture on a market dominated by big manufacturers takes enthusiasm and devotion. Peter Lyngdorf and his colleagues possessed both in abundance and they had one important advantage over others: besides immense technical knowledge they felt a real and profound love for "good sound".

Peter Lyngdorf started out in modest surroundings but with the very latest measuring equipment, bought on long credit. The philosophy was clear: DALI was to develop and manufacture loudspeakers capable of creating no-compromise sound, as close to the real thing as technology made possible, and with an absolute minimum of fuss.

As early as 1986, the first section of DALI's new headquarters in Norager was established, a new 4000 m2 (approx. 43000 sq.ft.) building containing manufacturing facilities and a sound laboratory unequalled in Europe.

Dead against common practice, DALI decided that the speakers should not be manufactured on an assembly line, but instead by two-person teams, responsible for each individual speaker from start to finish. Each single speaker carries a golden metal foil badge on the back, proof of visual as well as electronic inspection. While the world worked hard on quality control schemes, DALI just went ahead and did it, quietly. Besides attaining a unique level of quality for each single loudspeaker, this production method also created the spirit that has characterized DALI until this day a spirit that makes each single employee an integral part of DALI. This partly explains the fact that Peter Lyngdorf's dream of the best loudspeakers in the world came true, and that it still exists not just with one man, but with 50 colleagues.

In 1996, after many years of development and experiments, DALI reached a milestone in its efforts so far, not just for DALI, but for hi-fi all over the world: DALI introduced its no-compromise "price no object" speaker, DALI MegaLine, recognized as "the best loudspeaker in the world". A floor-to-ceiling line source with six high-frequency ribbons and 24 custom-made 6.5" woofer/midrange units housed in a monumentally beautiful enclosure and an external, active class A crossover network form a system that has never been surpassed. DALI MegaLine completely eliminates boundary reflections and standing waves, clearing the way for realising the potential of the world's best amplifiers.

Since its introduction, DALI MegaLine has enjoyed world-wide acclaim, has overawed the most critical hi-fi connoisseurs, has provided breathless experiences to audiences, and, no less important, has supplied knowledge and competence to DALI's engineers and product developers, who now utilize technologies and experience culled from MegaLine for other DALI loudspeakers.

The task of developing and manufacturing loudspeakers of eminent quality quickly revealed a problem that had to be addressed: if you connect the best amplifier to the best loudspeaker without utilising the best cable, you do not achieve the best sound. As has been the case with many other components, the essence of this matter was that if audiophiles were to enjoy the offer of cables that live up to the DALI speakers, the cables had to be manufactured or specified by DALI. This is then what happened and today loudspeaker cables as well as signal cables of sublime quality are on offer.

The same problem applies for such things as crossover networks. In every DALI loudspeaker, the networks are handmade with the so-called "Hard wire" technique, where the components are directly connected to each other with no printed circuit boards that may introduce loss and distortion. Capacitors and resistors are made to DALI's specifications by the best manufacturers in the world. But the chokes are made in-house at DALI, as nobody else could fulfill the demands.

Today, the DALI model lineup ranges from the price-saving AXS series to the ultimate MegaLine, and whereas you used to find DALI loudspeakers mostly with audiophiles, you now see them all over the world with people who appreciate "second to none" quality, and sound that is genuine.

One of the best cards that DALI holds today is probably the fact that there has never been and is never going to be a DALI loudspeaker made that follows the line of least resistance. Our years of experience developing and manufacturing top of the line loudspeakers enable us to incorporate the numerous DALI characteristics into all DALI loudspeakers.

The Nordic countries are still the main market, with a market share of close to 20%, but in 1999 an amibitious internationalization was initiated, aiming to place DALI in the global top 10 within a five-year term. Today, DALI is represented in 36 countries, with subsidiaries in China, Australia and Germany. 2002 is going to be the year when DALI crosses the Atlantic to establish the brand on the biggest market in the world: USA. In spite of contiuously increasing turnover, we are not going to sacrifice our main asset: sound.

In times when the big take over the small, and where quality often suffers as a result of prices being squeezed, DALI has managed to both maintain the unique spirit from the first pioneering days and to simultaneously develop new loudspeaker models and production methods that are exclusive to DALI. Development is still in progress in a spirit of genuine enthusiasm, both in the lab and the listening room work that has most recently resulted in the introduction of the DALI Euphonia series. Unique high-end loudspeakers that combine monumental design and a sound reproduction that is so realistic and so exceptional that any attempt at describing it is bound to fail.

DALI has been and intends to continue being an adventure where brilliant peoples' ideas and ultimate demands for the end result make sure that even in the future, loudspeakers shall exist that are created to impart the ultimate experience to the listener the exceptional "Magic Moments" that you remember.

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Joel Abrahamson (February 16, 2009): I have a pair of Dali III's. Are replacement parts available?

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