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D and B audiotechnik web site (October 17, 2009): d&b audiotechnik has been developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeaker systems since 1981. The company operates internationally in the field of electroacoustics to produce high quality products for reinforcement of speech and music. Through the amalgamation of technological developments, system integration principals, quality of construction and standards of service, d&b right from the outset realized a concept, that includes all aspects of design, development, manufacture and support: the d&b System reality. d&b's loudspeakers are used globally in rental and installation markets for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, broadcast and everything from the smallest conference room to the largest stadium.


D and B audiotechnik web site (October 17, 2009):

1981 Jurgen Daubert and Rolf Belz, who comprise d&b audiotechnik register it as a business on the 18th April in Korb, a town in a well-known wine region near the south German city of Stuttgart. Above, in that traditional garage Daubert (right) and Belz (left) are seen constructing the first of those special loudspeaker systems. They are, mainly used for hire companies and musicians but also include the house system for the legendary MAXIM in Stuttgart.

1984 d&b move to a much larger garage in Steinstrasse, Korb.

1985 The first complete product line is put on the market: the F1/F2/B1 range. The "black boxes from Korb" go into production and German rock star Herbert Gruenemeyer takes them on tour.

1986 d&b develop a new loudspeaker especially for broadcast applications; the E1 quickly becomes popular for being manageable and visually discreet. Its usage extends into installations, industrial presentations and last but not least as a high-quality fill loudspeaker.

1987 With the idea to allow for flexible and transparent participation by company employees d&b changes from a partnership to a public limited company.

1988 The 1220 system acts as a reference for sound systems in the world of theatre and opera which also mark d&b's entry into the installation market

1989 Since the premises in Korb have become too cramped d&b moves 25 km away to Backnang, known primarily as the leather capital for South West Germany. It is not just in Germany where d&b is expanding, the first venture abroad comes in the form of d&b Scandinavia; Claus Hansen takes on the responsibility for northern Europeans from a base at Aarhus in Denmark; while d&b is brought to the UK by Simon Johnston.

1993 With its 02 Series, d&b presents an economical system with a wide bandwidth offering extremely compact packaging for high sound levels with excellent sound quality. The P1220 mainframe, also a new development, becomes another milestone in d&b product history with its modular loudspeaker specific control electronics. It gains the reputation of being the most reliable amplifier on the market.

1994 d&b launch the C4 system which quickly becomes established as standard touring equipment, and with the further development of the E3 the success story of the E1 in the broadcasting and installation market continues. These systems offer greater flexibility, higher sound pressure levels and even better sound quality. All this is achieved with even more compact dimensions.

1996 The MAX arrives. It is a particularly versatile and efficient monitor for a wide range of applications. Daniele Tebaldi opens the d&b office in Italy. The company is based in beautiful Ferrara (in the above picture the Palazzo dei Diamanti, 15th century, not yet the offices of d&b).

1997 As a mono amplifier with an integrated controller, the E-PAC marks d&b's entry into digital signal processing technology.

1998 d&b risks the move into the New World, Colin Beveridge creates d&b audiotechnik in the USA.

1999 By this time d&b has already become a multinational company, however further development is a foot. Shinichira Yonekura opens the d&b audiotechnik office in Japan. Meanwhile the home premises in Backnang are splitting at the seams; it is necessary to carry out some conversion and reconstruction work and build Factory II.

2000 d&b has redefined sound system references again and again, and is now doing so in live monitoring with the introduction of the M2. Again more international offices are being opened; Didier Lubin gives neighbouring France d&b with the opening of the Paris office, while David Rosello heads up the Spanish office in Barcelona.

2001 The fact that d&b is a truly international company is mirrored with the appointment of three new directors, Frank Bothe as R&D Director, Simon Johnston as Marketing Director and Peter Tongue as Sales Director. The photo shows Simon and Peter, the first "Ausland" members of the d&b Board of Directors.

2002 The E0, shown in the middle of the photo, is the smallest loudspeaker ever built by d&b (234x145x170) and is introduced at the Frankfurt prolight+sound. It offers an impressive 117 dB SPL and superlative sound for small, near field, delay and surround sound situations. At the other extreme the d&b range of loudspeakers now includes the 114 dB SPL longthrow additions to the C4 system, the C3 line array module.

2003 d&b launch the innovative Q-Series, which takes the industry by storm. Alongside this is the new D12, the first d&b amplifier to drive all their loudspeakers. The company website is taken in house and re-launches with a completely new design, followed by the Japanese version. Continuing the international market development, in Mexico Antonio Martinez Benita takes on the d&b mantle, Sebastian Song opens an office in Singapore and in Korea, Hak Kwok Kim,or Kevin for short, takes on d&b's interests.

2004 On the new product front d&b launch its phantom product the Cardioid Subwoofer Array (CSA) at the Frankfurt prolight+sound exhibition. Later in the year sees the release of the ROPE C graphical drag and drop software that along with the d&b Remote network provides central control and monitoring of their systems. Looking to the east d&b audiotechnik China is established by Mr Freddie To, while going west d&b's renowned C4 system holds an audience of 1.43 million for 2004's number one North American tour, chalking up a total of 96 shows in 69 cities.

2005 d&b is very proud to say "benvenuti" to the Italians with the addition of a section in Dante's language to the new look website. The first months are also very busy on the exhibition front with the launch of some very colourful loudspeakers in the form of the Qi-Series installation range. The success of the Italian website is quite a sting for neighbouring d&b audiotechnik in Paris, so only a short time after the Italian launch "surfer sur le web" is also possible in French.

2006 To round up the Roman language part of the website d&b's David Rosello in Barcelona comes up with a Spanish language version, thus enhancing the understanding of the d&b products and company not only in the South of Europe but in Middle and South America as well. One of the first things to announce is the launch of the J-Series to infiltrate the large scale vertical array market. A brilliant opener to the year in which d&b, quite silently, celebrates its 25th anniversary. This only marks a short break in their relentlessness. As in June the new M4 monitor makes its stage debut.

2007 d&b's worldwide presence experiences significant growth. After gaining an extremely committed distributor for South Africa the year before in the guise of Stage Audio Works in Johannesburg, Triangle Entertainment came on board as distributor in Dubai, and Paul Movies in New Delhi for the Indian subcontinent. Even at home, d&b continues to grow at a relentless pace and as a result a new building is built and a further extension made to the production facilities. The d&b Remote network also experiences updates in the form of the new R1 Remote control software and the d&b R60 USB to CAN interface.

2008 The year starts with the opening of the brand new office building and new production halls after a comprehensive construction process. At the same time d&b welcome new, even more versatile systems to the E-Series as well as an addition to the heart of the d&b System reality namely the intelligent D6 amplifier. Only a few months later the annual ABTT Product of the Year Sound Award is presented to d&b for the E8 loudspeaker with its innovative rotatable high frequency horn. Further north in Denmark, a new distributor alfa audio A/S joined the d&b family, which is step by step expanding over the world.

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