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Solid State Amplifiers

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TAC (October 3, 2009): The Cygnus website is currently under construction.

Cygnus web site (October 3, 2009): C Y G N U S Analog audio, As it says in our logo. Analog is everywhere, where electrical signals to an amplifier, whether tube or transistor, will be converted into audible sound. This does not mean that we reserve the possibilities of digital technology to lock in particular our active filters, quite the contrary.

Our activity is the development and manufacture of high quality speaker designs for home, studio, theater / surround sound, and sound systems. We will provide you with any fundamentally new speakers, but concepts that are uncompromisingly designed to bring them closer many high-end friends the dream of a realistic reproduction of music.

Limited to essentials, i.e. accurate and consistent application of filter theory Gehäuseberechnugsgrundlagen, sound-light of all the parameters in the design of crossovers, and enclosures, and reasonable selection of the speaker drivers and their applications are the basis for a balanced honest sound of C Y G N U S - speaker combinations.

C Y G N U S Technology - Only a few small speaker drivers visible on a narrow baffle, as close to each other symmetrically to form the All C Y G N U S - speakers shared approach, from a small near-field studio monitor listening to adult high-end floorstanding speaker. Even our sound systems for nightclubs, cinemas and theaters, which are built in compact modules, keeping largely to this principle.

C Y G N U S is aesthetics - Making the unusual C Y G N U S - design with premium materials and in the home speakers multitude of design possibilities C Y G N U S - Device unmistakable.

C Y G N U S is flexibility - Versatile design options and interchangeable surface finishes, and the modular structure of some C Y G N U S products, ensures maximum adaptability to claim, budget and design.

C Y G N U S is quality - The selection of the highest quality components and a solid finish to guarantee durability and reliability of the C Y G N U S - Products

C Y G N U S Security - 10 years guarantee for windows and removing all the reusable components in the acquisition of new C Y G N U S - products or options that offer maximum safety.

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