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Crown web site (December 2003): 1947 Founders Ruby and Clarence Moore establish International Radio and Electronics Corporation modifying and distributing high-quality tape recorders (Magnecord, Recordio, Pentron, and Crestwood) for rugged environments. Transistor invented at Bell Labs.

1950 Introduction of world's first tape recorder with built-in power amplifier. Tone control circuitry further enhances this unit designed for PA system use. Nat "King" Cole "Mona Lisa"

1950s Crown's line of vacuum tube tape recorders includes the Standard, Imperial, Broadcast, Prince, and Royal.

1953 A three-motor electromagnetic braking mechanism revolutionizes the tape recorder industry. Clarence Moore obtains patent the following year. Speakers are designed and manufactured as accessories to tape recorders. Tony Bennett "Rags to Riches"

1955 Tape recorder production grows and expands. Bill Haley and the Comets "Rock Around the Clock"

1958 The Royal makes its appearance as Crown's first stereo, 2 channel, tape recorder. Elvis Presley "Don't"

1959 Crown's tape recorders take on a new rack-mount design with the introduction of the Crown Prince. Crown introduces standalone vacuum tube amplifiers including the A15 and A30.Miles Davis "Kind of Blue"

1960-61 Crown tape recorder improvements include separate electronic and transport sections, push button and relay control, and remote control capabilities. The Gold Crown Stereo X recorder includes several innovations in component electronics. Patsy Cline "Crazy"

1962-63 The first solid state, professional quality tape recorder is invented at Crown. The Beach Boys "Surfin' USA"

1964 Crown's first solid state amplifier, the SA 20-20, is an industry first, low-profile unit (1 3/4 inches high). The Beatles "She Loves You"

1967 Crown raises the bar once more with the introduction of the DC-300 amplifier. It is the world's first reliable, solid-state, high-power amplifier. Rated conservatively at 150 watts per channel, the amplifier features extremely low distortion and noise. Two years after its introduction, High Fidelity magazine calls it the world's best stereo amplifier. Jimmy Hendrix "Purple Haze"

1968 The Pro 800 Series tape recorders feature a logic-controlled transport. Marvin Gaye "I heard it through the grapevine"

1970 The new IC-150 pre-amp and D-150 amplifier feature exceptional sound quality. James Taylor "Fire and Rain"

1971 The grounded bridge amplifier is invented at Crown. Prototypes, however, are destroyed in another significant event of 1971. Rod Stewart "Maggie May"

1971, Thanksgiving Day Fire destroys over 60% of the Crown facility and the remainder of the plant is severely damaged. $1 million of uninsured inventory destroyed. Production resumes within 6 weeks with the D-60 amplifier.

1972 A new Crown plant emerges over the ashes of the former structure. Introduction of the M600/M2000 amplifier, another industry first (2000 watts mono into 8 ohms), using the patented grounded-bridge circuit. Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven"

1975 International Radio and Electronics Corporation becomes Crown International, Inc. KC & the Sunshine Band "That's the Way (I Like It)"

1976 The patented EQ-2 synergistic equalizer is added to the Crown product family. Boston "More than a Feeling"

1977 Crown gracefully ends production of its tape recorder products. Introduction of DL-2 controller, revolutionizing preamplification with digitally controlled modular systems, computer interface capabilities, and patented phono circuitry. The IOC (Input-Output-Comparitor) circuit instantly indicates amplifier overload conditions. Eagles "Hotel California"

1978 The newly introduced D-75 amplifier is combined with the RTA 2 (real-time analyzer) to create a compact, accurate, and easy-to-use instrument for acoustical analysis. Bee-Gees "Stayin' Alive"

1979 Patented SA2 is the world's first power amplifier to use a built-in computer to maximize transistor performance. The newly introduced FM ONE tuner is a design winner at the Consumer Electronics Show. Police "Roxanne"

1980 Crown begins microphone manufacturing with the introduction of the PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone) family of microphones. Pink Floyd "The Wall"

1981 FM TWO replaces FM ONE with a low-profile, digital-tuning design. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie Endless Love"

1982 Development of Delta Omega power amplifier. The patented design allows an operator to compensate for speaker cabling effects that normally reduce usable power. Van Halen "Pretty Woman"

1984 Micro-Tech family of amplifiers brings patented Grounded Bridge and Junction Temperature Simulation technologies to the audio world. PIP modules also provide input flexibility. Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

1986 The PCC-160, an advanced directional boundary microphone, is launched. Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"

1987 GLM (great little mics) line of miniature microphones is developed for recording use: radio, TV, and motion pictures. A new line of hand-held microphones, the CM300 Differoid, is patented. The ultimate amplifier, MA10000, provides 10,000 watts of power. First application, to provide power for 465 speakers at the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. U2 "Joshua Tree"

1988 The IQ-2000 System allows computer monitoring and control of up to 200 remote power amplifiers. Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror"

1989 Com-Tech amps for fixed installations debut with direct 70-volt operation. The Patented SASS microphone becomes the first new stereo recording system since WWII. The Macro Reference amp provides exceptional sonic performance for the studio market. Tom Petty Runnin' Down a Dream

1991 MPX-6 and SMX-6 mixers expand the IQ System family of products. Scorpions Wind of Change

1992 MA-5000VZ amplifier featuring the Variable Impedance (VZ) bi-level power supply added to the Macro-Tech Series, quickly becoming the touring standard for Sub cabinets. Development of PZM-11 and PCC-170SW microphones. Boyz II Men End of the Road

1993 Introduction of the CM311, a head-worn microphone. First created for country music star, Garth Brooks. Stone Temple Pilots Plush

1995 CM-700 studio condenser microphone earns rave reviews from both critics and users. Hootie & the Blowfish Let Her Cry"

1996 A new 46,000 square foot facilities addition expands the production capacity. The revolutionary K2 amplifier (first ever without a cooling fan) is the star of the NAMM show, offering 1270 watts mono output from a chassis only 3½ inches high. Wallflowers 6th Avenue Heartache"

1998 CE1000 and CE2000 offer outstanding performance at an affordable price. Faith Hill "This Kiss"

1999 The IQ-PIP-USP2, Crown's second-generation DSP-based amplifier module, provides amazing power and flexibility with an extensive list of features. Santana "Smooth"

2000 Crown becomes a member of the Harman International family of Pro Audio companies. CE4000 expands the CE Series, Crown's most cost efficient amplifier yet. IQ-USM 810 digital mixer/digital processor is an eight-input, ten-output, all digital "system in a box." Creed "With Arms Wide Open"

2001 Crown's IQ-PIP-USP2/CN, when added to a PIP2 amp, creates the industry's first CobraNet -compatible amplifier. Janet Jackson "All for You"

2002 Crown reinvents it's IQ System and ships the world's first solution for transporting networked audio control and digital audio via a single 100 Mb Ethernet network connection. CTs Series introduced as the new flagship Installed Sound amplifier. The new XLS Series sets sales records for Crown. Complicated "Avril Lavigne"

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Adrian White (August 1, 2004): If anyone needs servicing/spares assistance with Crown/Amcron audio power amplifiers (particularly the older types - D150A, DC300A, PSA-2, M600, PL, Micro or Macrotech series) Then I may be able to help. Although it is not my primary business these days, I have many years experience in servicing these amplifiers and have a small supply of rare/obsolete parts to suit. Adrian White Solid Developments, Tel: +44 (0)1424-200 253 , E-mail:

John Hamm (december 2000): The Crown's use flat panels, approximately 6" square. At the time Crown was manufacturing these speakers they were an American Company.

John Hamm (december 2000):The following is a summary from a Crown advert for the Crown Auralinear Speakers:The Crown Auralinear Speakers use the basic design idea of electrostatic theory. The electrostatic panel:

Greater Sound Pressure levels are obtainable than were before possible in a electrostatic. Measurements done in a 12'x 25' living room show levels of 116-122 dB with the amplifier below clipping.

James Weigand (March 28, 2014): I have electrostatic panels and woofers for all Crown speakers. These were built by RTR and I purchased remaining inventory from RTR.

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