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  • 5070 Francois Cusson - Lachine, Quebec, H8T 1B3, Canada
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Solid State Amplifiers

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Classe Audio web site (December 2003): Listen! The first thing you should know about Classe is that we like music. In fact, we can't stop listening to it. You might expect all of the world's leading manufacturers of audio components to say that. Strangely enough, not many do. We understand why. It's easy to be consumed by the minutiae of matters such as balanced line operation, slew rates and cable sensitivity, and to neglect the bigger picture. At Classe, we never lose sight of hi–fi's primary purpose: to bring music more vividly to life than ever before. Our equipment will reveal new facets to music you thought you knew intimately and liberate parts of your music collection you thought you'd forgotten. Like us, once you start listening, you won't want to stop.

Freedom of Expression. Since Classe built its first amplifier in 1980, the company has pursued a single, simple vision: to develop audio equipment that offers unrivalled expression of music, irrespective of artist, genre or taste. High-end hi-fi generally contains accents that serve some musical forms well and other forms less well. With Classe there are no limits. The way we see it, audio equipment should open doors to new listening experiences, not close them. That belief is at the heart of every amplifier, source component and processor that leaves the Classe factory. And it's why those products have been embraced by audiophiles and professionals worldwide for the purity and musicality of their sound.

The Sound of Classe. Music is more than a set of complex waveforms, and no oscilloscope in the world can quantify the human qualities that make a performance magical. A reproduction can be technically flawless but still sound sterile and disjointed. The sound that Classe has evolved is seamlessly integrated: a soundstage with tangible height, breadth and depth, coupled to the pace, rhythm and timing necessary to preserve the structure and internal relationships that give a piece of music its essential character. Our world-class engineers and designers work tirelessly on the more enigmatic aspects of audio electronics, fine-tuning circuit designs and components to capture every grain of texture, spirit and nuance. Wherever the magic lies in your music, Classé will have you spellbound.

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