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Cerious web site (May 2009): Cerious Technologies is more than a marketing play on words - it is a mission. When you design ceramic ballistic body armor, you are aware of matters of greater importance than how fancy the logo is or if it comes packaged in a Rosewood box. The focus must always be on the final performance of the product.

We believe it is time to bring this philosophy back to the world of audio where it is only a matter of time before Rolex and Calvin Klein introduce cables and “casual listening wear”. Our products serve but one purpose in the marketplace - they simply will outperform other products of comparable cost - period. We will do this through advanced engineering, critical listening evaluation, and just plain common sense. When you pay more for one model than another, what you are paying for will be well understood, easy to ascertain, and the performance will be better in every regard. When we offer eye candy for greater prices, it will be labeled as such with a corresponding disclaimer of no increase in performance. If you absolutely have to have super fancy connectors that make no sonic difference for four times the price, this is after all America and we shall never deprive you of your right to spend as much money as you want to spend. Please disregard this paragraph if you subscribe to The Robb Report.

A corporate philosophy is important, especially when it has a reason for its existence. Choices do have ramifications. The world of Audiophiles immersed in two channel stereo is attempting to move forward to a world of convergence; stereo, home theater, and video gaming. Let’s be honest here, most home theaters sound like grunt (grunt is a highly technical engineering term for bad). Audiophiles often blame the format but there are reasons why home theaters sound bad. It may be fine to purchase good sounding cables for two channel but when confronted with the price of what it would take to “properly” wire a 7 channel home theater, many audiophiles grab a shopping cart at their Home Depot and stock up. Later they lament how much better their two channel sounds. Technology and excellence are irrelevant if they are not affordable. While we believe that we make the best cables in the world, they are not priced as such. We ask you keep an open mind. Allow yourself the good sense to replace what you currently have with something much less expensive because it sounds better (no one will think you lost your job or got demoted…) and buy them in quantity! After all, great sound is the is the ultimate revenge.

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